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Nissan NIStune
NIStune-software and calibration editor for setting up Nissan ECU.
NIStune supports most Nissan car models.

The hardware part of the NIStune is a small Board (daughter boards), which is installed in the factory control unit instead of a regular chip or processor with firmware, and provides the ability to use this software to change the fuel and ignition cards, constants (for example, cutoff, correction of the lambda probe, speed limiter, etc.) "on the fly", directly during engine operation. Changes take effect immediately, they can be immediately felt or seen by changing the readings of standard sensors or through this SOFTWARE. Includes built-in data logger and Mod-and for many of the supported UNIT. Nistune is the perfect tool for tuning Nissan and infinity sports cars in real time.

What the program can do:

Monitoring of the sensors and trace the ECU
Logging of engine operation parameters
Ability to visually view and analyze logging results in the form of graphs
Saving firmware in binary format
Support for up to 2 external wideband oxygen sensors (WDC supported innovation and AEM)
Real-time control unit firmware"
View engine parameters and error codes via consult Protocol
Deleting recorded error codes using the consult Protocol
The transition to more efficient injectors / MAF

Types of Nistune boards for Nissan ECU (there are 4 types of boards):

Type1 Board

CR31 skyline (RB30E)
The HR31 skyline (NICS / ECCS RB20DET)
VL / Turbo Commodore (RB30E / RB30ET)
Z31 300ZX (VG30E, VG30ET) 1984-89
A31 Cefiro (RB20DET)
J30 Maxima (VG30E)
S13 Silvia (CA18DE / DET)
S13 Stanza /240SX (KA24E)
Pulsar N13 (CA16DE)
Pulsar N13 (CA18DE)
U12 Bluebird (CA18DE)

Type2 Board

M30 Infiniti (VG30DE)
Site 300ZX models Fairlady device Z32 (VG30DETT)
[For the skyline ECR33 RB25DET you can use the Z32 vg30dett control unit with small changes in the motor wiring]
Skyline HCR32 (RB20DET)
Skyline BNR32 (RB26DETT)
[For BNCR33, BNR34 scenery can use BNR32 RB26DETT control unit and O2 sensors]
U12 Bluebird (KA24E)
The Q45 chip (VH45DE) Works with NIStune but requires an external emulator because the firmware is too large for Board type 2 

Type3 Board

S13 180SX (SR20DET)
S13 Silvia (SR20DE, DET)
S13 240SX (KA24DE)
U13 Bluebird (SR20DET)
B13 Sentra (SR20DE)
P10 Primera (SR20DE)
J30 Maxima (VE30DE)
S14 Silvia (SR20DET) [early model]
Pulsar N14/N15 (SR18DE, SR20DE)
Pulsar RNN14 (SR20DET)
300ZX model Z32 Fairlady device (VG30DETT) [late model, except 1996 OBD-II]

Board Type 4

B14 NX2000 (SR20DE) [issued before 1995]
Pulsar N15 (GA16DE)
G20 Infiniti P10 (SR20DE) [released before 1995]
S13 180SX "type R" / " type X "(SR20DET)
S14A Silvia/200SX (SR20DET)
S15 Silvia / 200SX (SR20DET)
S14 240SX (KA24DE)
Skyline ER34 (RB25DET)
WC34 Stagea late [JECS ECU] (RB25DET)
U13 Altima (KA24DE) [issued before 1995]
Y33 Cedric (VQ30DET)

[Image: nistune.jpg]

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