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Mercedes FDOK/VeDoc Calculator
Mercedes FDOK/VeDoc Calculator for DAS

With this SOFTWARE you will be able to generate an FDOK/VeDoc code to access special DOS parameters for Mercedes truck programming. With this utility you will be able to disable the AdBlue system of Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Supported codes for calculation:
• XT (changing of NOx torque)
* XN (erase and disable relevant environmental codes and SCR systems )

[Image: mb%20fdok.jpg]

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This unfortunately works with the program until 2013. There is already a newer calculator, but with reference to hardware. And there are program patches, then the calculator is not needed at all. But thanks for sharing what you have.
Thanks given by: Autoepc , Autoepc , RidgePr
Hi can you share a new way?
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(09-11-2021, 08:10 PM)mkwatis Wrote: Hi can you share  a new way?

Please first

Introduction And Rules

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