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Commercial firmware SsangYong New Actyon 2.0 petrol
Ssang Yong 
Commercial firmware SsangYong New Actyon 2.0 petrol

Recommended bootloader-MultiFlasher
Record is made by a diagnostic method-through a diagnostics block.
Firmware contain the standard camouflage of the CVN control systems for Siemens - that is, complete protection from detection remapping methods offered by dealers in the part of verification of authenticity from the manufacturer..
Version of the GBO-4 provides for starting, warming up and movement of gasoline to the gas station without full load.
The presented software contains the instruction of the manufacturer to replace all the earlier ones in order to correct the cold start. namely: K2052ZZS1B1D, K2052ZZS1B1E etc.

Package contents:

GB0-4 2014 K2052ZZF1B1E e2.bin
startpower 2014 K2052ZZF1B1E e2.bin
startpower 2014 K2052ZZF1B1E.bin

GBO4 2014 K2053ZZS1D1F E2.bin
Startpower 2014 K2053ZZS1D1F E2.bin
Startpower 2014 K2053ZZS1D1F.bin

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JPRO 2024 + KG

Thanks given by: kikis , briantv1

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