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Vag Tacho Usb 5.0 cracked
This is Vag Tacho Usb 5.0 cracked; works without usb dongle!
It is designed to correct odometers and read-write EEPROM memory immobilizers (VDO, MotoMetr, Magnetti Marelli) cars Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda.

This programmer combines the best functions of its predecessors. Supports VDO 24c32 or 24c64,
as well as some VDO instrument panels for VW 2009-2011 with NEC microcontroller 24C32 or 24C64 EEPROM memory.

The main functions of the VAG Tacho USB v 5.0 programmer are: changing the car's mileage, programming new keys, reading and writing EEPROM, reading and erasing EEPROM errors.
Works with the built-in Megamos ID48 transponder programmer.

Rep +Thanks=  qwlink
Calterm 4 v4.2  + Keymaker
Scania SDP3 2.39 + KEYGEN 

Thanks given by: carmaster , Autoepc , kikis , pilav , pilav , Dink , Dink

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