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Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 (Canadian / Original)
What's up friends:

I have the Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 for sale.

I always have equipment available.

It is not the Chinese version.

In the purchase includes ET 2017a, SIS April 2018.

Did you know that Adapter 3 can be used, with the following marks:

and other brands more ...

Using the 6 and 9 pin adapter cable for trucks.

Pay by Paypal.

More information, PM.

[Image: 7x_1686_7x_1873.jpg]

[Image: 507_1011.jpg]
[Image: 4617140_E_4451_4_DE1_AC68_8_F3_A9592_F1_BC.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3141.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3142.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4197.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4257.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4807.jpg]

[Image: 3_BF80_B44_35_DA_4555_94_D0_07132_BD59_B46.jpg]
[Image: 7_AF28116_1641_4689_998_C_60010098_D697.jpg]
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