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Another us provocation . Who poisoned Navalny? - grig - 09-03-2020

Hello, friends!
The other day there was another provocation of the United State - poisoning of opposition leader in Russia Navalny .
Navalny was previously convicted of embezzlement of other people's property, for fraud .
 Lived on transfers from abroad (USA) for discrediting the Russian government 
He was not successful. It did not meet the expectations of the Americans
It didn't do much good . The Americans decided to use it to discredit Russia and stop the Nord stream ll . In General, they poisoned him
If you remember all the abominations that Americans do, then 100 years will not be enough . Everyone knows and understands this.
What should we do to make Americans come to their senses and stop being Neanderthals? Do you know? 
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