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Full Version: LAUNCH EasyDiag Unlocking Locked Adapters
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LAUNCH EasyDiag Unlocking Locked Adapters

good news for owners of Locked adapters LAUNCH EasyDiag dug 

around on the Internet, collected information and ... it turned out! 

I will describe the recovery steps for both Locked and Blown 

LAUNCH EasyDiag adapters . 

We need a 

dump of a non-blocked adapter (with 52 firmware on board)The programer 

runs the programmer in the J-qwlink 

and the program in which I did everything

Programs recommended by Adminom 
program for firmware adapter 

[Image: upgraderesult.png]

native application ST-Link

Before we begin, we will 

use the utility from Segger to turn our St-Link V2 (clone) into the J-Link programmer
and install the program (downloaded from the qwlink above) with which we will flash our Device * We disassemble the adapter (I took it apart on the board with a knife by cutting the place of the gluing of the case) 

[Image: 0f4519.jpg]

connect the programmer to the pictures

[Image: de7711.jpg]
J-Link (ST-Link V2 Clone)

[Image: f80f59.png]

launch the J-Flash application 
Create a new project select the controller STM32F207 IG 

[Image: 8d9c71.png]

[Image: 2c4252.png]

after all the procedures connect our adapter to the computer and connect it to the program in the Target tab, select Connect 
and well on the video)) 
Good luck, the guys write, I will definitely prompt))

Programs recommended by Admin 
program for firmware adapter 
native application ST-Link


- firmware 11.53, boot 1.23.001 program_memory_11.53.7z (172 KB)

and up to a heap flash from non-flicked MDiag: 
- firmware 11.55, boot 1.03.000 program_memory_11.55.7z (158 KB)
- firmware 11.49, boot 1.03.000 program_memory_11.49.7z (153 KB)
- firmware 11.12, but 1.03.000 program_memory_11.12.7z (143 KB)

OTP partition from the MDiag: 
otp_memory.7z (756 Bytes)

all download in qwlink